Your Free Local Odoo Development Suite

Design, develop Odoo addons or themes from the comfort of your local machine or even run Odoo locally. DevOdoo is free forever, and available for macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu.
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DevOdoo Your Free Local Odoo Development Suite

What does DevOdoo do?

DevOdoo makes local Odoo and development quick and easy. Using Docker repository or you can use your own with a single click. Take advantage to develop themes, addons, all on your local machine.
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One-click Odoo application creation

Launch Odoo, with a single click! Every Devodoo site is powered by a modern hosting stack plus the latest version of the Odoo community, moreover, you can install your own Docker image.
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Powered by Docker

DevOdoo leverages the power of Docker to create a secure and fast local Odoo development experience. With Docker, your local Odoo hosting stack is automatically containerized and optimized for security and near-native performance no matter what host OS you’re running.
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Work on macOS, Windows, and Linux

DevOdoo is available as a free download for macOS, Windows, and Linux/Ubuntu.
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Try DevOdoo today

Streamline your development workflow with DevOdoo by making local Odoo creation a one-click task.